Watch: Boris Johnson thanks 2020 school leavers

The UK’s Prime Minister has addressed students who have left school this year during the coronavirus pandemic. In a virtual address, Boris Johnson says that “your efforts have been worth it” and that students should “jump on every opportunity”.

It was your education that was disrupted, your lives were disrupted… I want you to know that your efforts have been worth it… bring enthusiasm, energy into everything you do. Be that friend, that team member, who is always there to lend someone else a helping hand


Johnson goes on to admit that the generation of school leavers have faced a “challenge like no other generation before”. In the five-minute video, he concludes that the difficult-lockdown, restrictions on movement and a sudden end to education has been “worth it”.

It’s now months after lockdown restrictions were enforced, many of which are now being relaxed with schools set to return full-time in September. The Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, said last week that he wants “all children who can be at school at school” and starting learning again is “critical to our national recovery”.

Full guidance for schools is accessible here.