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YR 13 male with mum and dad receiving great exams results at School
Yr 13 proud of exam results from school
YR 13 computing student happy with exam results 2023

Results August 2023

Congratulations to all of our students who have received results today. An overwhelmingly positive year, with so many students gaining strong results. Two thirds of our leavers are off to University with others heading to apprenticeships and employment. Above all else, our students should be very proud of their hard work and accomplishments at Aylesbury UTC, no matter what the academic results indicate.
The grades themselves demonstrate how well-qualified our young people are, but we know that students have also built up a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge whilst with us, which can’t be fully represented by a grade. Through employer events, trips, activities and everyday tasks, students have developed the confidence, resilience and professional traits to move on from Aylesbury UTC. Our young people will be successful in their next steps, whether at University, an apprenticeship or in employment and we look forward to hearing more about their future accomplishments.
I would like to thank students’ families and our staff for doing everything possible to support students. There has been an enormous amount of hard work and you have made a massive difference to our young people. Similarly, our employer partners and University sponsor, Buckinghamshire New University, have provided our young people with amazing opportunities, for which we are very grateful.
Nick Lamb

Performance measures  HERE

In GCSE English and Maths pupils 37% of pupils achieved English and Maths above grade 4.

  • GCSE English 63% grades 9-4
  • GCSE Maths  43% grades 9-4
  • GCSE Combined Science 46% grades 4-4 or higher

Computing Level 1/2

  • L1/2 Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production: 56% L2 Pass
  • L1/2 Extended Certificate in Information Technology: 6% Distinction+, 22% Merit+, 33% Pass+, 61% L1Pass+.
  • GCSE Computer Science:  18% 4+.

Building Studies Level 1/2

  • L1/2 Planning and Maintaining the Built Environment: 19% Distinction+, 31% Merit+, 38% Pass+, 44% L1Pass+.
  • L1/2 Constructing the Built Environment: 6% Distinction+, 13% Merit+, 38% Pass+, 69% L1Pass+.
  • L1/2 Designing the Built Environment: 13% Distinction+, 13% Merit+, 19% Pass+, 25% L1Pass+.


English & Maths Retakes 

  • GCSE English retake outcomes include all students maintaining or improving on their prior attainment.
  • GCSE Maths retake outcomes include all students maintaining or improving on their prior attainment.

Computing Level 3

  • BTEC Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media: 11% Distinction+, 44% Merit+, 88% Pass+
  • BTEC Extended Certificate in Computing: 11% Distinction+, 44% Merit+, 77% Pass+
  • BTEC Extended Certificate in Information Technology: 11% Distinction+, 55% Merit+, 66% Pass+

Building Studies Level 3

  • 100% of students achieved grades Distinction, Distinction, Merit or above on the Extended Diploma in Building Studies