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Sport at Aylesbury UTC

Students at Aylesbury UTC take part in a number of traditional and alternative sports across the academic year. This gives the students an opportunity to participate in team and individual activities that help improve the social and individual development needed when working towards their specialism. Sports sessions take place in a number of venues close by to the college, such as Pebble Brook School, as well as Aylesbury UTC’s very own high-spec Gym.

Students take part in 2  hours of recreational sport each week.

“Our Gym,” Aylesbury UTC’s very own gym, donated to us by Buckinghamshire New University, gives the students a chance to keep active after college and it is also used for health and fitness lessons.

AUTC DE Better at the gym
Students using Aylesbury UTC gym for sport
Sport students using Aylesbury UTC gym

Reduces stress

2 – 3 hours a week and a rest from study

Health and Fitness

Improves lung and heart function.

Team Effort

Increases confidence and improves leadership skills

AUTC PE Lessons
AUTC Sport is fun
AUTC PE Lessons

Benefits You

Makes You Happy

It’s Fun