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The Careers Programme

Aylesbury UTC is committed to providing high quality impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance support to all students. This uses the support of both Gatsby Benchmarks and the CDI Framework. Jan Lloyd is our Qualified Level 6 Careers Development and Guidance Lead. Contact Jan by email:

Our Careers programme takes the form of a structured programme of learning which is integrated into the school curriculum through subject lessons, PHSE lessons, and during off-timetable careers events. The overall aim of the programme is to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of adult life by:

  1. Helping them understand their own strengths and aspirations.
  2. Preparing them for the choices to be made at the ages of 16 and 18.
  3. Ensuring they leave school prepared for employment, further education or training.
  4. The careers programme at Aylesbury UTC develops partnership with our employer sponsors and partners.

Industry knowledge is the focus in  Year 10 and 11

Firstly, Aylesbury UTC provides a well-established vocational curriculum. In short, our most distinctive and successful feature.   Further, it is in keeping with the vision, mission and ethos of Aylesbury UTC. All students engage with employers through their chosen specialism.  Therefore, the focus for year 10 and 11 is around gaining industry knowledge. For instance, through structured sessions, employer engagement, work experience and projects with a chance for work placements.  Certainly, this is the reason students choose to join us.

A shift in careers programme focus for year 12 and 13 to gain placements.

Meanwhile, in year 12 and 13 the focus shifts to include multiple work placements. In addition, the chance to engage with national companies, as well as with businesses and charities locally. Furthermore,  providing our students with access to a wide range of work-related learning opportunities.  Likewise,  we encourage all students to engage with community work and give back days to improve their interpersonal skills and model the behaviour shown by our supporting employer sponsors and partners. 

This was confirmed by Ofsted in January 2018:

“Leaders’ sharp focus on the world of work means that students learn quickly about the importance of professional appearance and behaviour. Speakers from local and national businesses give regular presentations to students on expectations and opportunities in the workplace. Consequently, the majority of students are self- confident, mature young adults who are ambitious for their own futures.

Students have access to a rich and varied programme of study that includes well-designed work placements, input from national and local businesses and the opportunity to study for well-regarded specialist qualifications in construction or computing.

Leaders work productively with partner businesses to ensure that students can access appropriate work placements. In addition, representatives from local and national computing and construction businesses visit the UTC to give students invaluable insights into the world of work.

Strong links with national companies, as well as with businesses and charities locally, give students access to a rich and varied range of work-related learning opportunities, particularly in the sixth form.”

Work Experience

Aylesbury UTC are proud to enable our students in Sixth Form and Years 10 and 11 the opportunity to do work experience.  A technical education benefits from being in the real world of work.  To find out the current work experience vacancies please go to our dedicated page to explore and apply.

Find your work experience opportunity HERE



Proud of our Employer Sponsors and Partners

You can read more about our founding partners and our partners

Demonstrating the hierarchy of responsibility and commitment to Aylesbury UTC can be seen below. What does this mean? The sponsors are instrumental in being a part of the UTC Governors and developing the curriculum and supporting the UTC.

Therefore, Tiers 1 and 2 may not be part of the governing board, however they are very important and supportive to providing continuous engagements for all our students throughout the school year. Across all year groups and specialisms. The Tier 1 employer partners provide placements for our students. In summary this can be work experience, apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships offered.

AUTC Employer Partner logos

Impact of the careers programme on students

Destination data is reviewed annually. This enables the UTC to understand our students’ career paths and shape the careers programme and curriculum going forward with our employer sponsors and partners.