Why should you choose Sixth Form T Level Digital?

Choosing our Sixth Form T Level Digital pathway will make you more work ready and able to secure fantastic destinations.

In the first place, T Levels are a brand-new, 2-year qualification designed with employers to inspire you to have a head start towards your chosen career in the future.

Undoubtedly, the exciting digital sector has one of the largest projected economic growth outputs in the UK which means that there will be lots of future jobs in this ever-changing and quickly evolving sector. Significant changes in employment working practices will continue to take place as more companies embrace the many benefits of digital technology.

  • They are equivalent to three A Levels.
  • T Levels offer an alternative to A levels, and apprenticeship or other post 16 courses and ensure that you gain the knowledge and skills you need to move into skilled work, an apprenticeship or further study.
  • The Digital Production, Design and Development T level will give you the skills and knowledge needed to flourish in this exciting sector so that you can be part of the future digital workforce.
  • You’ll learn a wide range of knowledge on topics needed to be successful in the fast-paced Digital industry such as Digital Analysis, Diversity and Inclusion, Security and Testing.

Moreover, be inspired by Aylesbury UTC Employer Partners such as CISCO,  who help develop the curriculum and influence what we teach to our students.

Sixth Form T Level Digital Entry Requirements

Whether you are a current Aylesbury UTC student or from another school, you will be joining us at an exciting time in our forward looking and growing Sixth Form. If your interests and career ambitions include the such varied pathways towards Digital, we are sure you will find Aylesbury UTC is an enjoyable and exciting place to be.

Entry requirements: 5 x GCSEs at Grade 4+ (or the equivalent vocational qualifications), preferably with a grade 5+ in English Language, Maths and Science.

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Digital Computing room in use by AUTC Sixth Form

Sixth Form Digital

Pearson T Level Digital Production, Design and Development

Year 1 is made up of three key parts:

1. Core: Knowledge and understanding of contexts, concepts and theories of the digital industry:

  • Business Context, Culture, Data, Digital Analysis, Digital Environments, Diversity and Inclusion, Learning, Legislation, Planning, Security, Testing, Tools, English and Maths.
  • Developing and projecting a positive digital identity and manage digital reputation.
  • Adopting professional approaches to using digital communications and social media.
  • Being aware of information security and the security controls that can be used to mitigate security threats within solutions and services.
  • Choosing devices, applications, software and systems relevant to different tasks, having assessed their benefits and constraints.
  • Collating, managing, accessing and using digital data in spreadsheets, databases and other formats, and interpreting data by running queries, data analyses and reports.
  • Understanding digital media as a social, political and educational tool, and of digital media production as a technical practice.
  • Understanding digital research methods and data analysis tools and techniques.
  • Understanding innovation, enterprise and project management in digital settings.
AUTC students at CISCO learning about Cyber Security

Sixth Form Digital

Pearson T Level Digital Production, Design and Development

Year 1 key parts

2. Employer Set Project: A project set by digital leaders that requires you to apply your knowledge to a real-life problem in the industry.

3. Industry Placement: Towards the end of the year, you will get the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you have learned in to action as you start your industry placement. You will work with an external digital industry employer to apply your knowledge and develop your technical skills in a real-life digital workplace.

AUTC Green Room

Sixth Form Digital

Year 2 is made up of two key parts:

1. You will specialise in key areas of Digital Production, Design and Development, which will help you to develop deeper knowledge and skills on the following key topic areas:

  • Analysing a problem to define requirements and acceptance criteria aligned to user needs.
  • Designing, implementing and testing software.
  • Changing, maintaining and supporting software.
  • Creating solutions in a social and collaborative environment.
  • Discovering, evaluating and applying reliable sources of knowledge.
  • Applying ethical principles and managing risks in line with legal and regulatory requirements when developing software.

2. Continuation of your Industry Placement; with an external digital industry employer which will develop your technical skills and apply your knowledge in a workplace environment.

CISCO – CCNA Networking Academy Industry Certificate

Thanks to new technologies, networks are becoming more intelligent, programmable and software-driven. Networking Academy courses support this evolution and expose learners to new concepts and hands-on experiences. Best of all, courses are tied to CCNA certifications—among the most in-demand in the industry, according to IDC. Get started by choosing Aylesbury UTC to begin your journey.

AUTC teach the CCNA Networking Academy qualification to all our Sixth Form students. This is an extra curricula study recognised as an  industry-standard when it comes to the technology industry. Afterwards, you can further explore some employment opportunities and can upgrade to a CISCO Certified Network Professional ( CCNP)

Job opportunities will include:

  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Security Specialist
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