Dress Code

Professional dress code for all students

At Aylesbury UTC we have high professional expectations for our school community.  The way in which students dress and present themselves is a key factor. Our dress code is a smart and formal business-like appearance. We are also aware that Health & Social Care and Building Studies students will have to comply with health and safety regulations and wear clothes that fit the environment in which they are working.

Importantly, students should take pride in their appearance. Smart dressing conveys positive feelings in terms of commitment and attitude to work. Also, it enables students to show that they fully embrace the Aylesbury UTC ethos. Our students say that this is a change from their previous school and makes a big difference to their mindset in a professional environment. Find out more in our Student Views area.

Option one is to wear a shirt and tie with formal trousers and a jacket. Option two is to wear trousers or a skirt/dress of reasonable length with a smart top / blouse and jacket. Footwear is also smart with no trainers allowed. This dress code will allow you to choose clothing from a wide range of retail outlets rather than confining you to a uniform shop.

For Year 10 and 11 PE lessons, students are required to wear our UTC PE top. You can order you polo shirt by contacting reception@aylesburyutc.co.uk

If you have any questions about these expectations, please get in touch.

Dress Code Guidelines

Option One

Male student dress code

Option Two

Practical Uniform

Male construction student dress code