Year 10 Student Views

Year 10 Student Views

This area of our website is all about student views, for those who are thinking of joining us. Here you’ll be able to find out what Aylesbury UTC is like for students and what they get up to on a daily basis.  Consequently we have made a few videos of current and former students view for you to hear from them. During the four years at Aylesbury UTC, all students will develop and grow their work ready skills in our professional environment. More than amazing technical facilities we have successful pathways to University, Apprenticeships and Employment. If you have any questions please contact us

Student Views

Firstly, here at the UTC we understand how important it is to make all the new young people joining Aylesbury UTC feel comfortable and confident.

Student Survey Results

In July 2022 Baker Dearing conducted a UTC specific information  survey. Conclusively, the question to Year 10 demonstrate how a UTC education excites them:

  • As part of my education, I really want employer experiences such as
    projects, talks and Work Experience
  • Doing technical or creative subjects will help me understand what I want to study at Sixth Form
  • I know I will gain things which will make me employable such as
    communication, teamwork, problem-solving skills, greater confidence, professional attitude.
  • I think I have more chance of gaining an apprenticeship if I attend a UTC.
  • I think I have more chance of going to university if I attend a UTC.

Student Survey

UTC Student Survey HERE

Former Student Views

Equally important are the destinations of our former students. Hear from a few of our computing and Building studies students. What they thought the UTC had to offer which was better than other schools and where they are now.


Here at Aylesbury UTC we are proud of our students destinations. See more about UTC Alumni