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Press Release

London, Tuesday 10th October 2023

Harry Kane Foundation is marking its one-year anniversary on World Mental Health Day. The foundation, which aims to change the way people think about mental health, has announced a new partnership with a 15-year-old charity, Bounce Forward, a renowned charity that supports children and the adults around them to build resilience and emotional wellbeing.

The partnership will provide free psychological fitness training and educational resources, designed to nurture and build mental resilience, and emotional wellbeing and proven to have positive impact. These resources will be available in schools, workplaces, and to a broader audience through Harry’s influence, platforms, and networks, with the goal of promoting positive mental health across all generations.

To date Bounce Forward has amassed over 175 member schools, reached 14,000+ parents, and is working with the Harry Kane Foundation with ambition to enable every primary and secondary school in the country to access its resources entirely free of charge and for it to embed into the core curriculum for long term impact.

To kick things off, 17 schools across all nine regions across England are benefiting from the Harry Kane Foundation’s support by being set up with the high quality Healthy Minds teaching resources that feature bespoke content co-authored by Harry and his wife, Kate.

Harry said: “I’m proud of the work my foundation has achieved over the last year and am excited that we will extend our reach and impact through a new partnership with Bounce Forward. We are supporting Bounce Forward because they are experts in their field and have developed evidence-based resources that align perfectly with our aim of promoting the benefits of positive self-belief and the connection between physical and mental health.”

Lucy Bailey, CEO at Bounce Forward, said: “Harry and Kate’s commitment to influence how we think about mental health is perfectly timed. When it comes to mental health, prevention is so much better than cure, and our psychological health is as important as physical health. It is increasingly challenging to navigate our changing and complex world. For adults it is hard, for children it is even harder. We need to teach our children, as part of their core education, and there is no better way than with Healthy Minds. Teaching our children about the brain, the role of positive emotions and the value of optimism and human connection is vital learning for the world we live in. We need to help young people not only to deal well with the setbacks they will inevitably face throughout life, but also equip them to embrace opportunities around them. Its impressive evidence base includes improving attendance, which is of growing concern for schools reducing fixed term exclusions as well as improving health and wellbeing outcomes.”

“As a school we know that students can only perform academically if they are in a stable place emotionally and have the resilience to cope with the knocks of life. We believe that education is about so much more than outcomes at GCSE and we are therefore delighted to be a Bounce Forward / Harry Kane Foundation lead launch school and to get the chance to use Healthy Minds resources to continue to upskill our staff and to develop the resilience and wellbeing of our whole school community.” Helen Mukherjee Assistant Headteacher, Upper Wharfedale, Threshfield, North Yorkshire

“We are extremely excited to be a lead launch school for the Healthy Minds programme supported by the Harry Kane Foundation. Young people with healthy minds are more resilient, better able to manage challenge and face failure positively. Our job is to ensure that the next generation have all the skills to be successful, and this partnership will help us to achieve that for our community. Rebecca Moors, Deputy Headteacher, The Garibaldi School, Nottingham, East Midlands

I am delighted that the Torquay Academy is a lead Bounce Forward school. Their partnership with the Harry Kane Foundation offers an opportunity to inspire how we support our young people to develop the resilience they need to reach their high aspirations and to achieve their goals. Bounce Forward’s Healthy Minds lessons will deliver important learning for our students to complement our value that everyone succeeds. Confidence with humility, the ability to overcome problems and succeed are part of who we are, so it gives me great pleasure to join the Bounce Forward community. Owen Gratton – Assistant Principal, Torquay Academy, Torquay, South West.

We know that our mind enables thoughts, memory, movement, and emotions by complex functions. Developing and maintaining healthy minds throughout our learning journey is critical in meeting the increasing challenges educators and learners face. It is vital that we understand what mindfulness is and why it is important to become more resilient as we live well together. We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Bounce Forward with support from the Harry Kane Foundation to realise this essential goal. Martin Serrao, Executive Headteacher, Northampton International Academy, West Midlands

The new schools and the wider Bounce Forward member schools are already benefitting from important new lessons inspired by Harry. They will deliver learning on the role that exercise, nutrition and sleep has on mental health. Find out more here.

These are EXACTLY the sort of lessons I would have loved as a youngster. Making the connection between a lifelong love of movement and the emotional benefits it can have on you as a person is huge and so often missed. Sam Hesling PE teacher

Kate has long had an interest in mindful practice, and over the next year will be piloting brand new lessons called Intentional Stillness that teach calming and focusing techniques as a way to nurture and build positive mental health. Find out more here.

I am excited to get these teaching resources to students. Learning how to be calm and focused has never been more important. I have enjoyed helping to develop these new lessons with Kate and others, and look forward to sharing how they are received by students over the next year. Amy Bradshaw, Trust Mental Health Lead

As parents themselves, Harry and Kate recognise the many challenges and changes during childhood, and no one child is the same. Bounce Forward’s Raise Resilience programme has reached over 14,000 parents already and through the partnership we will look at ways to reach as many parents as possible, giving them the knowledge, skills, and practical resources to build and nurture resilience. Find out more about Raise Resilience here.

For organisations who want to join us in building a nation where positive mental health education and messaging helps people to live mentally and emotionally well. Find out how here.

By working together to build mental resilience amongst young people and the adults around them, we aim to support changes to the following:

· The UK is ranked 69th out of 72 countries for children’s life satisfaction, Healthy Minds is proven to increase life satisfaction.

· 3 in 5 parents worry about their children’s mental health, and 64% teachers confirm that students are turning to them at least once a week for advice about their wellbeing. We are supporting schools, teachers and parents.

· 50% of adult mental health problems start by the age of 14, and why teaching and learning in school is so important.

· Our children’s wellbeing is at its lowest – 5 children in a classroom of 30 are likely to have a mental health/wellbeing problem, and why we believe that when it comes to mental health prevention is better than cure.

About Bounce Forward (Boilerplate Copy)

Bounce Forward is a national charity delivering inspiring and practical train the trainer programmes to develop the next generations of psychologically fit children who will become psychologically fit adults. Our training programmes engage teachers, parents and others around children and young people to develop psychological fitness. Psychological fitness combines mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, both key attributes needed for success in the 21st century. We provide a framework of skills, based on a development model so that young people are better placed to face the complexities of tomorrow and make the most of their future. Our core offer is a five-year, evidence-based curriculum that can be embedded in the secondary school offer. Our impact and passion go beyond the delivery of training and teaching resources – at the heart of our work is research and we are driving a movement to influence UK policy around education to form a positive system of change. Charity number: 1170591.

About Harry Kane Foundation (Boilerplate Copy)

Harry Kane Foundation (HKF) launched in October 2022 with the aim of transforming a generation’s thinking about mental health. The purpose of HKF is to help normalise conversations around mental health, promote positive habits that support mental health, tackle stigma and provide practical support.

HKF works with brands, charities, experts and strategic partners to leverage Harry and Kate’s profile, platforms and networks to inspire, educate and empower audiences of all ages. HKF fundraises through Harry’s personal contributions, strategic partnerships, donations and fundraising activities and events. 100% of public donations will directly impact mental health charities, transformational projects and vital research supported by the HKF. HKF is a restricted fund registered under the auspices of Prism The Gift Fund, charity number: 1099682.