Merchant Taylors’ Digital Wellbeing Conference

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Merchant Taylors' Digital wellbeing conference

Merchant Taylors’ Digital Wellbeing Conference

The Merchant Taylors’ School kindly hosted students from 8 different schools to their Hall in London to experience their Digital Wellbeing Conference. This was a truly unique experience for our students to be involved in the creation of a digital wellbeing charter, developed by students for students, supported by their pastoral staff leads. 

Year 12 student, Mikhe Kruger, gave us her personal insight into the day: 

“What an exciting day at the Digital Wellbeing Conference at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall in London! As a student council member at Aylesbury UTC, I had the privilege of attending this conference and representing my school. We heard from esteemed guest speakers who shared crucial insights on online safety, the implications of technology, and the effects of technology on the human brain. 

Alan Mackenzie discussed online safety, while Oliver Welsby FRSA from Brightcore Consultancy emphasized the importance of finding balance in the use of technology by promoting real-world connections, exercise, and creative expression. 

Another enlightening talk by Nihara Krause MBE focused on the social and emotional impacts of technology on the human brain. She also discussed the impact of technology on young minds and how early digital experiences help shape them. 

A big thank you to Merchant Taylors’​ Company for hosting us and providing such a valuable platform for learning and growth. It was an honor to be a part of this event.”

A huge thank you to the Merchant Taylors’ Foundation for funding such an inspiring event.