Phased return for Year 10 and 12 students

You can find newly updated policies on the Parent Portal.

Thank you to all of you who completed the parent survey to help us with planning for the phased reopening of the UTC. If you intend to send your child back to the UTC as part of this phased return and have not completed the survey, please contact the reception team urgently to confirm your decision by email to

The UTC is fortunate to be able to adapt our building to ensure that we can offer some face to face contact with their teachers in the UTC. This supplements the working from home programme which remains the predominant mode of learning for all year 10 and year 12 students this term.

In line with the government announcement, it is expected that all year 10 and 12 students should have some face to face contact with their teachers in school. As you are already aware we have planned for a phased return for students starting 23rd June. We have completed a detailed risk assessment and we are confident that we can deliver a reduced timetable, in a regularly cleaned environment, whilst practising social distancing.

Taking account of available guidance, we have put together a detailed plan for our phased re-opening to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains paramount.

The risk assessment includes:

  • a maximum group size of 10 in each classroom, most groups will be smaller than this
  • students will sanitise their hands on entry to the building. We will remind students about cleaning hands more often than usual in line with government guidance and there are visual prompts around the UTC. 
  • students will be allocated an individual desk to work at to avoid sharing space and equipment
  • students will remain in the same room each week of attendance, this room will not be used by any other student group
  • all students should provide their own stationery
  • students are expected to attend regularly wearing clean neat casual clothing whilst attending the UTC under COVID-19 restrictions. Students are still permitted to wear full business attire if they choose to do so. Students must ensure that all clothing that is worn to the UTC is washed/cleaned regularly (casual clothes washed and dried; business attire dry cleaned).
  • students will remain in the same room for the 15 minute allocated break
  • students should bring a pre-filled bottle of water, there will be water available
  • students must bring their own food for the morning break. We will provide food for those eligible for free school meals.
  • a one-way system will be in operation in the building to avoid crossing in corridors
  • classrooms will be cleaned after each use
  • where appropriate, students will be assigned a computer for the day and are not to swap between computers or freely move around the room to ensure appropriate social distancing
  • students will not have access to their lockers to avoid students gathering in this area

During the first week of phased reopening we will operate the following schedule:

Tuesday 23rd June: Year 10 only. Students should arrive from 9am for a 9.15am start. They will leave at 1.30pm (students entitled to free school meals will be issued with a packed lunch)
Wednesday 24th June: Year 12 only. Students should arrive from 9am for a 9.15am start. They will leave at 1.30pm (students entitled to free school meals will be issued with a packed lunch)

We intend to continue with the above timings for at least 3 weeks and will review as further government updates are released Students will be expected to continue with remote learning during the hours they are at home and staff remain available for remote support during this time. The maximum number of students we will have on site at any one time is 30.

Please do not send you child to the UTC if anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms, ensuring you are following the official stay at home guidance. Please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns or require more detailed information about the arrangements. There will continue to be regular updates on the website, social media and by email/letter to students and parents.