3D-Printing Formula 1 Expert Prepares Students For The Future Of Tech

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3D-Printing Formula 1 Expert Prepares Students For The Future Of Tech

Bucks UTC’s Year 10 and 11 Computing students are being treated to a series of talks on 3D printing by industry expert Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director of Graphite AM – a 3D printing consultancy that specialises in building complex designs and high-performance components for Aerospace and Motorsport Industries, with clients such as Formula 1.


Graphite AM Visits Bucks UTC


Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director of Graphite AM educates learners about the 3D Printing Industry.

Kevin Lambourne met with budding Year 10 Computing students to kick off their first term by introducing what is considered to be one of the most innovative and rapidly growing areas of the IT Industry – 3D Printing. Students were taken through the process of building prototypes and learnt how Graphite AM uses 3D prints for a number of clients for testing and product refinement. Year 11s who are soon to be meeting Kevin, will be presenting their own 3D prints and are expected to receive feedback on how to improve the quality of their work, so they too can produce work that is of a high quality and fit-for-purpose in the industry.


Why Is 3D Printing So Important?

3D Printing allows for complex models and components to be made with perfect precision, meaning that the most abstract of shapes – be these clockwork-small or aerospace-big – can be efficiently made. 3D prints can be used for a wide range of industries, such as Automation, Construction and even Medicine. Plus, it is considered to be very sustainable (environmentally friendly) as it does not subtract from matter, in other words, it only uses material that is required, leaving no waste scraps. And as the technology becomes more commonplace, new markets continue to emerge, with the technology being more used in small businesses and even in homes.


About Graphite AM graphite-new

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is a supplier of 3D printed parts in high-performance materials, including functional parts in a carbon fibre reinforced material. Graphite specialises in Motorsport and Aerospace, working closely with clients to find optimum solutions and is accustomed to meeting stringent demands and fast turnarounds through its work with Formula 1 teams. The company uses Stereolithography (SLA) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) technologies, offering a range of materials and finishes.


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