Year 10 Building Studies Curriculum

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All students joining in Year 10 will work towards completing their GCSEs alongside their choice of Building Studies specialism.

Ofsted say – In construction, pupils participate in construction projects that have a real purpose, and therefore need to be carried out to professional standards.

The following subjects making up the core of the academic studies:

Compulsory GCSEs*

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Maths
  • Science (Combined or Triple)

Other qualifications*

  • BTEC Enterprise
  • GCSE Design
  • GCSE Citizenship


Students choosing Building Studies also study all of the following level 2 courses. Each qualification is equivalent to one GCSE.

WJEC Level 2 Award: Construction and the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9811 Safety and security in construction (external assessment)
Unit 9812 Practical construction skills (internal assessment)
Unit 9813 Planning construction projects (internal assessment)

WJEC Level 2 Award: Designing the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9821 Planning potential of construction projects (external assessment)
Unit 9822 Drawing construction plans (internal assessment)
Unit 9823 Building structures and materials (internal assessment)

WJEC Level 2 Award: Planning and Maintaining the Built Environment – 120 GLH

Unit 9831 Adding value to the built Environment (external assessment)
Unit 9832 Maintaining the built environment (internal assessment)
Unit 9833 Sustainable built environments (internal assessment)

To hear more about some of the exciting work our students do, please click here.

* These subject offerings may change depending on Government announcements, regulations and the viability of student numbers.